We desire to transform education
through both competence and integrity.


What LEAD Values


We are different than most education businesses. We believe that transformation in education happens when these things are valued and achieved.


Staff are truly qualified teachers. They are not merely individuals who speak English and want to work overseas.

Applicants are carefully evaluated and chosen. They must demonstrate respect and appreciation of others and have an authentic desire to help students achieve their educational and personal goals.

Culturally Adept
All staff receive extensive training in how to understand other cultures and communicate effectively.

Cross-cultural Education
Teachers adapt their methods of instruction to local cultures in order to provide a truly cross-cultural educational experience.

Project Selection
Priority is given to educational projects that have the most potential for positive change and that sometimes have a higher risk factor.

Financial Accountability
Regular audits and other safeguards are in place to help insure financial answerability.

High Bar Recruitment
The screening process is comprehensive and selection standards are kept high to help ensure the quality and organizational fit of all staff.

Special attention is given to the empowerment of women and to avoid even micro-discrimination.

Emphasis is given to in-context staff training.

Modern Communications
The most modern communication tools are relied upon to increase effectiveness and to optimize the utilization of resources.

LEAD Education Group exists to provide transformational education in schools and communities throughout the world. 

LEAD Education Group exists to provide transformational education in schools and communities throughout the world. 

What Defines a LEAD School?

Following is a listing of the defining characteristics of a LEAD school.

  • True international educational experience
  • Multilingual schools
  • Expansion of students’ worldview
  • Creative learning atmosphere
  • Values based school
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional staff and teachers
  • Native speaking English teachers
  • Analyzing and problem solving skills
  • Variety of teaching and learning methods
  • Discipline maintained in the classroom and school grounds
  • Technologically advanced
There was no point creating a new airline unless it was going to be palpably better than every other airline in the world, you’ve got to make sure that every aspect of what you do is better than the competition.
— Richard Branson