Our teachers are a huge part of what we do
and who we are as an organization.

Come Work and Teach with LEAD

Opportunities for Teaching and Work Overseas

Two-Year Entrance Program for Staff

Since most of LEAD’s work is cross-cultural in nature, there is a two-year introductory program that combines learning and teaching. Similar to the successful “Teach for America” program, college graduates make a two-year commitment to live and work overseas.

The first year is primarily spent living with a national family and intensely studying language and culture. When teachers begin in this way, they are much more effective cross-cultural educators than if they teach without this experience. Living with a national family for an extended period of time is demanding but the rewards are for a lifetime. Year-two is spent teaching in one of our many educational settings. 

Experienced Educators

Complimenting college graduates are older more experienced educators.  Sometimes these men and women have retired early from their teaching occupations. Their depth of knowledge and understanding in the classroom is readily apparent and they serve as mentors for younger teachers.



Our employees are professionals from a variety of fields:

  • Teacher Training (Methodology & Curriculum Development) 
  • Computer Skills
  • Special Needs Training & Education
  • Sports & Physical Education
  • Medical
  • New School Pioneering & Development
  • Educational Consulting
  • Business
  • English Learning & Tutoring


Our Impact

A story of how LEAD and teacher's like you can impact education.

Trevor and Ashley teach at a school for children who have special learning needs. That is their heart and passion. Their training, both in special education and in language and culture, allows them to offer consultations and to engage in special projects. Through initiatives like these they hope to transform special education for an entire country.

Teachers like these exemplify a thirst for learning, helping others as well as an unflagging commitment to achieving significant and lasting educational outcomes in their community and country. These are the hallmarks that set LEAD’s professionals on course to cross cultures successfully and to positively impact societies.

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…we see that strong leadership – people with uncompromising vision for student success, the ability to inspire others to share that vision, and the courage and perseverance to do whatever it takes to put on a different path in life – is the nonnegotiable catalyst for meaningful change.
— Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America